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Find Your Most Profitable Price in 24 Hours

If you charge $47 for a product, will you make more than if you charge $27? Think about it… It’s not just the price that matters, it’s also the conversion rate.

Find Your Most Profitable Price in 24 Hours

If $27 converts at nearly twice or better the rate of $47, then $27 is a better price point for you. But what if you charge $37? Maybe $37 will turn out to be the winner, but you won’t know unless you test. Plus if you have any cost to fulfillment, such as if you’re providing services, then you will need to factor that in as well.

It gets complicated real fast, doesn’t it?

But years ago I heard about the magic of the ‘100 prospect test’. The theory goes that if you send 100 people to your page, you can assess the results.

Not believing this myself, I tested a squeeze page with 100 visitors and 1,000 visitors. And wouldn’t you know it? The conversion rate on the first 100 was nearly identical to the 1,000. Since then I’ve been testing a lot of things with just 100 people, and that includes pricing.

In the above example, you could send 100 people to the $27 price point, 100 to the $37 and 100 to the $47. You can buy the traffic from a solo ad or Facebook or any method you choose. Just make sure you use the exact same method for all three.

Compare and see which price point is the most profitable. If it’s $27, then you might do another test at $17. And if it’s $47, you might do another test at $67. In 24 hours you can know for a fact – without guessing – which price point will make you the most money.

If you think about a campaign that you run for the next six months, even a small increase in your income can add up to very big money. Which is to say, don’t guess. Instead, test and know for certain. Remember and use the ‘100 prospect test’ on your next campaign.

Why You Should Email Your List Every Day

I’m not sure why I’m still getting pushback on how often to email your list. My answer is daily, or even more often if you’ve got a good reason. But a lot of marketers out there ‘know’ that the ‘rule’ is to email 3 times per week. Except… it’s not.

Why You Should Email Your List Every Day

Picture your favorite sexy movie star, whoever that might be. Imagine that every day that sexy movie star emails you a new picture of themselves – naked.

Would you think they are mailing too often? Doubtful. I’m going to guess you would be eagerly anticipating that next email and opening it with delight.

Disclaimer: Do NOT send your list naked pictures of yourself. That was just to prove the point that if your emails are interesting enough, people will welcome them every day.

If your emails contain tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers or hot stock picks, will they get opened? You bet.

But if your emails are lame, boring or worse, then what happens? People say you’re emailing too often because they aren’t interested in what you’re sending them. Think about how to make your email content more like a hot stock pick or a naked movie star, and less about boring stuff no one cares about. Then you can email as often as you like.

As always, learn to live with unsubscribes because you’re going to get people unsubscribing no matter how frequently or infrequently you mail. Don’t worry about it.

And one more thing… if you’re still skeptical about the value of emailing every day, do this test: Take a look at how much you earned from your list in the last 30 days. Now email daily for the next 30 days and compare totals. You’ll notice a big difference.

Customers buy when they are ready. Thinking you can send one or two emails and get all the potential sales out there is naïve at best. You’ve got to keep reminding them of why they want to buy and do it in a way that makes them want to read your emails.

Tall order, right? But you know your niche and you know what makes them tick and what best grabs their interest. Now use that special insider knowledge and email your list something engaging every single day!

Case Study: Marketer Says ‘NO!’ to $10K/Month in Affiliate Commissions – Does THIS Instead

If you were making $10K a month by simply emailing out affiliate promotions, would you want to stop? One marketer did just that. He was earning a hefty income like clockwork by promoting other marketer’s products when he decided to change his business model.

Case Study: Marketer Says NO! to $10K/Month in Affiliate Commissions - Does THIS Instead

He was no longer a ‘super-affiliate.’ With rare exception he no longer promoted launches. He pulled the affiliate emails out of his autoresponders. He turned his back on being an affiliate and instead concentrated on creating and promoting his own products.

The downside?

→ A significant loss of income for a few months until he was able to ramp up his own product offering.

→ No more review copies of new products.

The upside?

→ No longer promoting products he didn’t 100% believe in. Let’s face it, some products truly don’t deserve to be promoted.

→ No longer receiving a dozen affiliate requests per day.

→ No longer being held hostage to promote a product as payment for someone else promoting his product.

→ No longer arranging his calendar around the latest launches.

→ No more competing to sell the same products everyone else was selling.

→ Feeling good about himself because he could better help his buyers rather than selling them out with the latest gimmick offering.

He continued to email as often as he did before removing affiliate promotions, but now he wrote emails exclusively promoting his own products.

He took time to consider how he could best help his customers and created products accordingly.

He learned to play the game on his own terms and now makes as much money as he did before when he was, as he describes it: “In the pockets of other marketers.”

He’s happier, more focused on helping people, less focused on squeezing every dime out of customers and oddly enough, spending less time working rather than more.

He now has two assistants who handle all customer service issues for him as well as doing some of his work.

He focuses mainly on three things: Product creation, writing emails to promote those products and coaching.

The lesson I took from this story is to reevaluate what I’m doing. Is it making me happy? Or just rich? Is it offering my highest good to my customers? Or is there something I can do to improve my offerings, lessen my workload and be happier, too?

Important questions. Sometimes you might be having a certain amount of success, but aren’t really happy or providing the most value and living from your highest purpose. I think it’s possible to marry the two. How about you?

Do Your Videos Make this Audio Mistake?

Imagine that you’re making a video about how to declutter a closet. In the video you show the closet beforehand, you explain what you’re going to do and how you’ll do it, and then you have a montage of video clips of you working while music plays. Finally, you come back on screen and give a few parting thoughts. Not bad, right?

Do Your Videos Make this Audio Mistake?

Except here’s the problem I see happening over and over again…

That video montage is there to show a long process condensed into a short amount of time. You could narrate over that section, but most video makers prefer to use music.

But… because it’s just music, the video makers are worried that it somehow won’t be enough and so they crank up the volume up to twice what it was. Now the viewer is reflexively jumping to turn that volume down – sometimes WAY down. In my case, I’ll usually just mute it.

And when the person comes back on video to talk to the camera and uses a regular speaking voice at regular volume, the viewer can’t hear it unless they turn the volume back up. This means that if the viewer is even still paying attention, they will need to decide if they should turn up the volume or just close the video and go on to something else. Why would anyone put their viewer in that position?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been distracted when the volume was on mute. I never did see the end of those videos, so if they had a call to action… well, I never heard it. And it’s annoying having to reach for the volume button because music is suddenly blasting forth. It’s like if someone came up from behind you with a bullhorn and you’ve got to find the volume button to make them stop.

I know it might seem ‘artistic’ to blast music like it’s a movie scene, but do you really want to alienate your viewers? Probably not.

How to Gain a Big Audience for Your Blog

Plenty of bloggers like to write about their thoughts, their day or the crazy thing that happened to them on the way to the zoo. But this type of blogging is generally more for fun than for profit. To make significant money with your blog, you’ll want to focus on keyword phrases and questions your target audience is actively searching for at this time.

How to Gain a Big Audience for Your Blog

When you help people solve problems through free and valuable content that is relevant to your business, you reach larger audiences and build trust. The best part is you get the opportunity to show people how your products and services can help them solve their problems and fulfill their desires and needs.

Let’s say that you’re a real estate agent. Your potential clients aren’t looking for your recipe for apple pie, the award you won last week or even the number of houses you sold this month. What they do want is their questions answered:

→ “How do you buy a house?”
→ “What credit score is needed to get financing for a house?”
→ “What is the best way to invest in real estate with 10% down?”
→ “How do I know I’m buying in a good neighborhood?”
→ “What are the easiest ways to increase the selling price of my home?”

Find out what real estate prospects want to know, and then use those exact questions for your titles. Give helpful info in the blog posts and then refer them to your squeeze page to get your lead magnet, or suggest they give you a call to further answer their questions.

These types of posts can rank high in search engines without tricks because they are exactly what searchers are looking for. And once you rank, you’ll be getting free, consistent traffic from Google.

This works in just about any and every niche you can think of and it’s an easy way to demonstrate your authority while building an audience that is super receptive to your offers and services.

Here’s how you can take this knowledge and double the impact: Use the same approach for your YouTube videos. YouTube is simply a search engine for videos, which is why ranking on YouTube is similar to ranking on Google.

Choose keyword phrases and questions that match what people are looking for on YouTube. Create videos with those titles that are packed with great info. And invite your viewers to visit your website, subscribe to your list or take the action you seek.

Using this method and being consistent will yield powerful results: Free targeted traffic, building your authority with your new viewers and readers, along with gaining a steady stream of new subscribers and customers.

Can You Really Earn $5,000+ Per Month Selling Older Affiliate Products This Way?

In the online marketing world, programs typically are promoted hard for a few days or weeks once they launch. After that, marketers and affiliates alike tend to move on to the next hot thing. This opens up a huge opportunity for anyone willing to do a little leg work. And this can work in multiple niches – not just online marketing.

Can You Really Earn $5,000+ Per Month Selling Older Affiliate Products This Way?

One gal I know (I’ll call her Betsy for our purposes) watches her favorite marketers to see what products they create. She knows the products are high quality because she knows these particular product creators and is familiar with their work.

Once a product seller is no longer actively promoting a product – which can generally take 1 to 6 months – Betsy contacts them and asks if they can do a deal. Sometimes she buys the rights to the product and thus gets to sell it for any price she chooses and keep 100% of her sales.

Other times she negotiates a deal for her customers – a steep discount they can only get by purchasing through her.

And third, Betsy will sometimes put together a package deal of 2 or more products, either from the same or different product creators, and these package deals tend to do really well.

She builds her list by advertising that she offers steep discounts on popular programs as well as many freebies, too.

And that’s a good point… she is highly generous with ‘one problem – one solution reports’, generating about one per week and giving them away to her list. Of course, each report also promotes a discounted program, so there is a method to her generosity. I don’t know how much she’s earning doing this, but I suspect it is far, far in excess of the $5,000 a month I mentioned above.

This model could also work with anything that can be discounted, including services, tangible products and so forth. It’s a nice little business and I’d estimate she only spends about 2 hours a day on it. I think anyone can use this income strategy. How about you?

Is This Weird Psychological Phenomena Keeping You Broke?

Let me ask you a question… “As an online marketer, how much should you earn?” It’s like asking how long a piece of string is. But here’s the rub: When I asked that question, I’ll bet you had an answer. And I’ll also bet that answer isn’t all that far away from what you’re used to making.

Is This Weird Psychological Phenomena Keeping You Broke?

We get a job, go to work and earn $40,000. That means on some level we perceive that we are worth $40,000 a year. Your colleagues also make about $40,000 which is further ‘evidence’ that this amount is what you ‘should’ be getting paid.

How then, are you going to shift your mindset to earning $40,000 a MONTH?

Imagine going to work tomorrow and your coworker says they just got a raise from $40,000 a year to $40,000 a month. Your mind would be blown, right?

But in online marketing there are no rules for what you can and cannot earn. The only limits to how successful you can become are the ones you impose on yourself, and a surprisingly big factor is how much you think you are worth.

If you’ve earned a small sum of money all your life and now you intend to earn a big sum, you’re going to have to change your thinking and decide that you are indeed WORTH that larger sum of money.

You hold your own income potential in your hands, and it doesn’t matter what ANY other marketer is earning.

A friend of mine who does quite well (high six figures) in online marketing took a newcomer to lunch one day to give him a few tips. Three years later that newcomer was out-earning my friend by 10:1.

Somehow you’ve got to get your mind around the fact that there is no one in the same position as you in online marketing. There is no pay scale or ladder to climb. You don’t need to get seniority or even master the intricacies (you can use outsourcers for that).

Anything is possible. You can write your own paycheck by using smarter thinking and doing the work necessary.

Find that little voice in your head that says you’re not worth $X amount of dollars and tell that little guy or gal to shut up.

You decide what you’re worth and what you are capable of. Because in online marketing, anything is possible.

Double Your Income with Just One Email?

Here’s a quick case study that could potentially double your email profits. This marketer sends out an email to his list 5 or 6 days a week. These emails have news, information and one offer. But on the seventh day, he does something completely different, and this one simple change is doubling his income every week. I’ll bet this can work for you too!

Double Your Income with Just One Email?

So how does it work… Well, he calls it his “Weekly Roundup” and in it he lists all the hottest selling affiliate products offered that week. Each one gets a short section of its own with a title, description and his affiliate link.

He says that most weeks he makes as much from that one email as he does from all of his other emails combined.

I asked him if he didn’t get more unsubscribes from that email, since it looks so different from his others, but he says he makes it look and feel different on purpose. It’s his way of letting his audience know it’s the one-time weekly email, and the rest of the week they’d be getting good content and not just a sales pitch.

He also titles it, “Weekly Roundup” and uses a date such as, “January 1-7, 2021” to indicate this email will only show up once a week.

Yes, it’s simple, and often the best marketing strategies are. Implement this into your own email marketing plan and you can potentially 2x+ your income with a single weekly email.

Grow Your Profits with Personalized Offers

If you already have an email list of customers, here’s an easy way to increase your profits.
Grow Your Profits with Personalized Offers
One day each month, look at what your customers have purchased. If Joe bought a $10 ebook, a corresponding $47 software and a $297 course, then he might be ready for some one-on-one coaching. Email him a note reminding him of what he’s purchased and make your offer.
Or maybe Anita is purchasing $297 per month coaching from you and she’s loving the results she’s getting. Offer her an entire year of coaching for $2,500, saving her a thousand dollars and earning you a big up front payday.
What if you only sell affiliate products? If Robert purchased three different products from you and they’re all on traffic generation, do you think you can find a $497 traffic course that might be exactly what he’s ready for?
This is all about making personalized offers to some of your best customers. Some will say no, but if the offers are properly tailored, some will also say yes. And that can spell an extra four or five figures for you each month for only a day’s work.

Try Reverse Podcasting for Fast Credibility

If you’re new to marketing or don’t yet have a large following, starting your own podcast can be an uphill slog that takes months of work before you start to build real traction.

Try Reverse Podcasting for Fast Credibility

But being a guest speaker on established podcasts – what I call reverse podcasting – can immediately establish your credibility and send hot prospects to your website.

It doesn’t matter if you have a track record online because your offline experience can work just as well for getting interviewed. Remember that podcasters are always looking for interesting people to interview who bring value to their listeners.

To find out which podcasts might be a good fit for you, choose someone well-known in your niche and then discover what podcasts have had them as a guest. These are the podcasts you want to approach.

Typically, podcasters will want to know what you can offer their listeners in terms of great info. They will also link to your website in their podcast description (great for not just traffic, but also SEO) and place your name in the podcast’s title.

Once you’ve been a guest on numerous podcasts, then it might be time to consider starting your own podcast. And your first guests can be the podcasters who interviewed you since you’ve already established a relationship with them.

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